We’ll help you make your next business or special event a memorable one with our healthy, Armenian – Mediterranean inspired dishes. We will meet your event needs by exploring options and ideas with you or you can select your own.

A few guidelines to help you along

  • We require 48-hour notice for catering orders.
  • Any order cancelled within 24 hours or less will result in a 50% charge.
  • Orders can be picked up between 10 am and 8 pm, except on Sundays 10am -2pm.
  • Let us know if anyone in your party has food allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Please call 617-858-8438 and speak with Lara in Catering to place your order or fill out the form.

Some extras

  • We offer limited delivery service for an additional fee. Ask when placing your order. Delivery fees vary.
  • Bottled drinks, house made drinks, coffee and tea are available for catering.
  • We’ll be happy to make table signs for your dishes, just let us know.
  • Paper goods available for an additional $1.75 per person. Dinner plate, napkin, fork, knife included.

Our products may contain wheat, egg, dairy, soy, nut or fish allergens. Consuming raw or undercooked shellfish, poultry or meat may increase the risk of foodborne illness


Fill out the form to reserve your event or call our catering line at (617) 858-8438


available in 8 oz, 16 oz or 32 oz

prices listed are 8 oz

hummus tahini, garlic, lemon df/gf 4
baba ganoush eggplant, tahini, garlic, lemon df/gf  5
metch bulghur, tomato, lemon, parsley df 4
yalanchi rice, dill, lemon df 6
beet salad mint, olive oil, lemon df/gf 5
bean salad parsley, peppers, red wine vinaigrette df/gf 5
kale salad chick peas, squash, lemon df/gf 5
lentil salad cumin, aleppo, red wine vinaigrette df/gf 5
bulghur & lentil pilaf carmelized onion, olive oil df 5
gajek labne, cucumber, mint gf 5
labne mint, aleppo, olive oil gf 4
garlic sauce lemon, canola oil df/gf 4
tahini sauce garlic, lemon df/gf 5

bread & chips

lavash df/gf 1.25 each
lavash chips plain or sumac/aleppo df/gf 4


traditional with homemade dough 18 doz

  • spinach & cheese
  • 3 cheese
  • 3 cheese & herb
  • beef & lamb

Greek style with phyllo dough (20 piece) 30, (35 piece) 55

  • spinach & cheese
  • 3 cheese
  • 3 cheese & herb

24 dozen

Armenian pizza

thin homemade dough topped with local ground beef, vegetables, & spices
platter of tomato, lemon, grilled eggplant 12 serves 6

18 dozen

  • za’atar df
  • za’atar & cheese
  • za’atar & lebny
  • 3 cheese
  • 3 cheese & spicy red pepper paste

5 per person

  • mixed greens lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish, onion, lemon-mint vinaigrette df/gf
  • Greek mixed greens, feta, kalamata olives, lemon-mint vinaigrette df/gf
  • chopped Greek salad, garbanzo beans, lemon vinaigrette df/gf
  • fattoush mixed greens, pita chips, lemon-sumac vinaigrette df/gf

12 qt

chicken noodle or daily soup 

serves 6-8 / 10-12

mezze hummus, babaganoush, metch, vegetarian grapeleaves, lavash df 36/56
falafel & hummus salad, pickled turnip, tahini sauce, lavash df 25/45
khorovats (grilled meats) 72/120
beef, lamb, chicken or luleh, grilled tomato & onion, bulghur pilaf, mixed green salad 

assorted sandwich & chips serves 5 50
assorted sandwich, chips & mixed green salad serves 5  64
1/2 sandwich & 1/2 salad 10
mixed green salad with chicken, hummus, lavash chips 14
sandwich, chips & dessert 11.50

sandwich options: chicken, beef, luleh or lamb khorovats, falafel, roast chicken or greek salad.

salad options: Armenian potato, mixed green, greek, bean, beet

served in oven safe containers & come with heating instructions

serves 4-6/8-10

kuftah beef, lamb, bulghur, salad 40/55
Urfa Kebab beef & lamb, eggplant, tomato, bulghur pilaf 40/55
Citrus Salmon mint, parsley, lemon, roast potato 60/80
Beef Tenderloin rosemary, garlic, roast potato 70/90
Dolma beef & lamb or vegetarian, yogurt 50/65
Fasoulia beef or vegetarian, bulghur pilaf 40/55
Roast Chicken lemon, herbs, rice pilaf 40/60

bottled drinks

pelligrino, boylans cola, spindrift sparkling 2

house made iced drinks

serves 4-6

iced tea black, honey mint, crimson berry 12
lemonade rose water, pomegranate, original 12

coffee & tea

serves 10

Square One brewed coffee 18
mem tea 18

assorted platters 12 each 21 18 each 31.50 24 each 42
paklava 1/4 tray 28 1/2 tray 56
boorma 1/4 tray 25 1/2 tray 50
eclairs 21 dozen
cookies 21 dozen finikia, khurbya, mamoul, coconut macaroon