About Us

Seta Dakessian

My earliest memory of being in the kitchen was when I was 5 years old. My baba (father) would bring me to our pizza shop before school to make dough for bread. I would sit on a stool next to the mixer and he would hand me a piece of the dough and say “This is what the dough should feel like once it’s done” and so I learned to bake bread my grandfather made at his bakery in the Armenian Quarters in Jerusalem. A few years later, my parents opened a cafe in Worcester. We served kabob dinners, fresh baked goods and a variety of prepared meals and this is where my mother taught me how to cook. I am fortunate that my mother still comes to work with me everyday and I continue to learn from her.

I believe that good food is simple food.

All of our food made from scratch and cooked to order using the freshest ingredients. We butcher all our meat, make our own bread and we source locally when we can. We take old traditions, mix it with modern ones, add a bit of Mediterranean flare and serve you a simple, good, home cooked meal.

I invite you to come in for lunch, dinner, brunch or a snack and make yourself at home.

- Seta

My mother known as Mama Mary to the staff is making lavash bread.